Marketing Committee Chair (2018-2020):

Nickie Lau, M.S., BCBA, Autism Behavior Consultants

Contact information:


The mission of the CCBA’s Marketing Committee is:

  • Create marketing materials for CCBA and CCBA sponsored events (e.g. flyers, posts) to promote CCBA
  • Information for marketing materials is based on information provided from CCBA chairs provided in the Marketing Request Form
  • Social media posts to support continued marketing of CCBA events on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Research upcoming events where CCBA may host an event
  • Proactively inform the BCBA community of CCBA activities including guest speakers at general meetings, CCBA collaborations with other entities, and any actions undertaken by CCBA for the betterment of the BCBA community at large so as to increase CCBA recognition