CCBA members are dedicated to providing research-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to our clients. ABA has been recognized as an effective intervention for treating learning and behavioral challenges of individuals with autism spectrum disorders in hundreds of scientific studies, as well as by government and scientific organizations, such as U.S. Surgeon General, National Autism Center, and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


Effects and Costs of Denying ABA Treatment


In April 2015, SCCBA recognized that managed care plans and insurance companies may require that the paraprofessionals who implement behavioral procedures with clients hold credentials. At this time there are multiple entities seeking to credential paraprofessionals. The CCBA Board of Directors identified an immediate need for research of facts regarding the different entities, an analysis of the outcomes of the research, and recommendations based on the information obtained.

Research findings presented 6/15/2015 revised 8/21/2015

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